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Lavoriamo Insieme ...... Difficile mettersi nella condizione di chi non ha la possibilita' di imparare a leggere e scrivere o di avere una qualsiasi attivita' lavorativa che permetta un minimo di autonomia finanziaria.

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We work together

Hard to get in the condition of those who have the opportunity to learn to read and writeor have any work to allow a minimum of financial autonomy .

Your support will improve their lives and the life of the communities in which they live.

Your support means wanting to know their country , their culture , their history , means ensuring their education and vocational training opportunities . Part of the aid budget will be allocated to support community activities that generate income.

Hamwi Dukorere

is an association of solidarity without borders , open to all , non-governmental and non -profit . DUKORERE Hamwi in Kirundi means " work together" . It was officially founded in 2006 by a group of friends Fides Hatungimana Marzi , Valtellina to be adopted by 36 years in this valley , who care about the growth and development of this small nation located in the heart of Africa , leaving the by war since 2004 , after a period of instability lasted more than 30 years .