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Lavoriamo Insieme ...... Difficile mettersi nella condizione di chi non ha la possibilita' di imparare a leggere e scrivere o di avere una qualsiasi attivita' lavorativa che permetta un minimo di autonomia finanziaria.

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Nadine Ndayishimiye (Burundi)

Dear Friends, during my recent visit to Burundi (12/04/2018 to 01/04/2019), I had the occasion to meet a young mother of two. Her name is “Nadine Ndayishimiye”, 26 years old with a deformed face. Her right cheek has swollen so much that you think the skin is going to break up. ( See picture)

She lives on the hill of Ruhagira in Cibitoke province. As if her disease was not enough, she was rejected by her husband and kicked out of the house with her children. The mayor offered her a small house. The neighbors are trying to help her and the children. (Picture of Nadine and her children before her sickness)

Nadine was a healthy and beautiful young lady before her face started to swell four years ago. They have been thinking that she had a problem with her teeth and has been treated for that until now. During my last visit, I was able to get her a medical examination called TAC in Italian language.

They performed a scan of her cheek and mouth. They found out that it was cancer. When I returned to Italy, I searched for medical support to save her because there is no specialist who could treat her in Burundi.

Her cheek is swelling every day and she has difficulties to eat.

I found a group of specialist surgeons willing to operate her for free. In fact, one of them is a member of the organization “Dukorere Hamwe”

The organization is going to support Nadine by paying the plane ticket and the hospitalization.

However, she will still need financial support while recovering. That’s why I appeal to everyone and ask for a small contribution to save Nadine’s life.

Thank you from* the bottom of my heart.

Fides Marzi

President of Dukorere Hamwe Association

Sondrio, 2019